Saturday, September 05, 2015
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2 Manhattan Locations

Located in Midtown Manhattan as well as Downtown in the Financial District

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Weight Loss & Nutrition

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Get into the Habit of a Healthy LifeStyle! Find out today how you can get your Health Score and start…

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Health and Rehabilitation

Find out about our Our 4 Phase Approach to Health and Rehabilitation

Our team of experienced rehab specialists use the latest equipment…


Health and Wellness for the Busy New Yorker

Welcome to New York Total Health Centers

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Upcoming Events

Every Monday, Dr. Hoody gives a free Stress Management Workshop.  This begins at 6:30pm sharp.

Every Wednesday, Dr. Hoody gives a free Medical Weight Loss Workshop that begins at the same time of 6:30pm and lasts one hour.

Refreshments are served at both Workshops.

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